This Iraqi journalist takes off both his shoes and whips them right at Bush during a press conference in Iraq. Before he hurled them, he yelled “this is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.” He was arrested right after the toss.

Props to Bush for dodging those things like a pro.

Shoes are pretty taboo in the Arab world. ‚ People won’t even cross their legs in an ankle-on-knee fashion in a public place, for fear of insulting the person beside them.

There was a photo of Bush a while ago, in an Iraqi city, where someone had placed two shoes at the top of his head to indicate devil horns.

And now, experts are telling the public “throwing a shoe at someone’s face is considered an insult in Islam.” As opposed to in America, where it is a sign of affection.

So El Presidente, for Iraqi’s (and some Americans, too), this guy is a hero. People are protesting for his release.

Palestinian journalists are now asking who will be brave enough to hurl a shoe at Condoleezza Rice. ‚ We’ll see if she can duck as well as Bush.

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