Cowboys sources have told ESPN’s Ed Werder that Terrell Owens has resentment towards QB Tony Romo (gasp!) and his relationship with TE Jason Witten.

Owens apparently feels that Romo and Witten have private meetings to work on plays that include Witten and exclude T.O.

That makes a ton of sense.

An unnamed Cowboys player told Werder that there is indeed an issue.

“He’s insecure about it,” the player said of Owens. “The thing that bothers me more than anything about this problem is that it’s always something with him — San Fran, Philly and here, always something. And he brings other people into it. You know, he talks to Sam Hurd and Roy Williams, who just got here and doesn’t really know these guys. T.O. talks to him and so now he probably thinks Witten politics with Tony for the ball.

“That’s so far from the truth. You think Tony is throwing to him because that’s his buddy? His best buddy is Bobby Carpenter, and that’s not helping him too much. It’s crazy to think that, and I hate that he acts that way.”

According to the sources, Owens cannot conceive how Witten has caught more balls this season than he has, considering that T.O. is one of the best WR’s of all time (and I hate to say it, but he is).

The good thing is that it doesn’t seem to affect the Cowboys’ QB too much. According to another teammate, Romo seems to just ignore T.O.’s nonsense.

“To be completely honest, I just think Tony is over it, not like, ‘Screw it.’ But I think Tony is over the mind games,” the player said. “It would help if Tony would stand up to him, but he would never do it. He does a great job of ignoring it and not letting it affect him, and that’s why it has worked as good as it has. It’s just hard. I think right now everybody is to the point where, ‘We’re going to need him, so let’s not piss him off.'”

Owens denied all of this of course.

“I’m not jealous of Witten” he told Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News. “I’m not jealous of nobody. I can take the approach that I got paid so screw everything, but that’s not me. I just want to win. I’m not trying to create a war of words with anybody. I thought we had a productive meeting and I just talked to [offensive coordinator] Jason [Garrett] about Tony reading the whole play because other people are open besides Witten.”

Soooo…why didn’t you just talk to Romo about any issues you may or may not have?

“I seldom talk to Romo, unless it’s on the football field” Owens said. “The things that happen in the past with the other quarterbacks that I’ve had made me go to Jason instead. I didn’t want to have any problems with Tony, so I went to Jason. I don’t want people to say if I go to Tony and tell him he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do, then people will say we have a problem. I don’t want to create that situation.”

Sounds like you do have a problem with him. Why else would you only talk to him on the football field? He implies that if he had spoken to Romo that there would have been a problem.

The bottom line is that something is brewing in Dallas. If the Cowboys beat the Giants on Sunday and continue to accrue wins and make the playoffs, then it’s a non-issue. Say what you want about Owens, but he’s pretty quiet when the wins are coming.

But, if the Cowboys lose to the Giants and Owens isn’t getting his numbers…look out.

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