Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe announced today that his country’s government has stopped the outbreak of cholera. ‚ Yea right.

“There is no cholera,” said Mugabe in a nationwide television broadcast.

In actuality, the epidemic has risen to new heights. ‚ The outbreak has spread across the border into South Africa, where sick refugees have forced South African officials to declare its border a disaster area.

Mugabe did have a reason for saying what he did, he’s not totally unbalanced. ‚ Just a little deranged.

He claims that the U.S., France and the UK have been using the cholera outbreak as an excuse for intervening in the country with military power.

Now, since the outbreak is “over” Mugabe says, “there is no cause for war any more …the cholera cause doesn’t exist any more.”

Obviously he’s wrong. The World Health Organization recently reported nearly 800 cholera related deaths in Zimbabwe. ‚ With the current food and economic crisis there, the epidemic could keep getting worse, especially with someone like Mugabe at the helm.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, U.S. President George Bush and the UN ambassador to Zimbabwe, have all‚ called for Mugabe to step down as leader in Zimbabwe. ‚ 

His denial of the problem is only making it worse, and it’s only a matter of time until that death toll reaches 1000.

Peter Muturedzanwa, an aid worker in Zimbabwe has a grim outlook. ‚ 

“The rains are not promising to come, cholera is increasing, there is no food in shops. The situation is pathetic,” he said.

Your people are suffering, Mugabe. ‚ Get it together.

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