Tom Cruise’s Blackberry has been abducted by aliens.

Or at least, that’s one theory.

The Scientology star’s little black device went missing this afternoon after a taping of Entertainment Tonight Canada in Toronto. Cruise is visiting our neighbors to the north to promote his new‚ World War II thriller,‚ “Valkyrie.” Hollyscoop reports:

After he left the studio, his people called and asked if anyone had found a phone, but no such luck.

“A search was done, but, nada,” National Post columnist Shinan Govani reports.

Why doesn’t he just use the power of Xenu to summon it? Duh.

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Gaby Dunn is a journalist, comedian, and a boatload of other stuff. The 2009 Emerson College graduate lives in New York.

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  1. des

    well sorta gotta be in scientology to enjoy this sarcasm see: citizens commission on human rights and the way to happiness too ok

  2. liz

    Not really des, nobody needs to be a $cientologist to get a kick out of the xenu nonsense. It’s all on wikileaks and nobody has to pay one thin dime to access that nonsense anymore. Yes, CCHR is a front group for the cult and “the way to happiness” says a whole lot of nothing about what the cult is REALLY about.
    You can visit XENU.NET for the truth about who they really are – you won’t find answers on any of the cult’s sites, just vague “feel good” comments and infomercial-style testimonials.


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