As cholera and crisis continue to ravage Zimbabwe, the World Health Organization has pledged to aid the ailing nation after meeting with Zimbabwean officials Monday, Voice of America reports.

The WHO is still deciding on how to best provide Zimbabwe with‚ additional‚ aid in their attempts to fight the increasingly lethal cholera epidemic sweeping the nation. ‚ 

So far, 589 lives have been lost due to the disease. ‚ Almost 14,000 cases were reported just last week.

The epidemic has reached unthinkable heights. ‚ In a recent interview conducted by the African Free Press, Roselyn Moyo, a Zimbabwean resident, revealed that she no longer allows her children to play outside, for fear they will catch cholera.

“I am afraid…uncollected refuse is lying all over our neighbourhood with flies flying all over. I can’t risk my children playing outside,” Moyo told AFP.

The epidemic could not have come at a worse time. ‚ The country is facing some ridiculous inflation rates, the cost of various items have been raised by millions of per cent. ‚ The country recently issued a new $100 million note, worth nearly $880 U.S. ‚ 

A $100 million note! ‚ But really what’s the point of a $100 million bill when the bank has placed a $500,000 (nearly $4.50 U.S) cap on withdrawals. ‚ 

Strange to introduce a bill no one can really withdraw…‚ 

In addition to Zimbabwe’s economic woes, its government is in disarray. ‚ Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai are locked in a power-sharing government that literally can’t get much done.

More power to the WHO for‚ increasing‚ aid, the country really needs international help. ‚ 

French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently called for Mugabe to step down. ‚ Totally agree.

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