The girl-volution of a tween can be a trying time-for both ‚ parents and the tween. You know that period between the ages of 9-12 when girls try to act like they are 30? Parents often wonder what is happening to their little girls as they slowly start to change into women, while the tween’s are finding out firsthand what it’s like to start developing a little responsibility and of course self-expression.

It wasn’t too long ago I was a tween who dealt with self esteem issues, insecurities, started noticing boys and most importantly finding a style that proclaimed the inner qualities I was needing to share with the world. Of course for me it was done with caution at first, when you’re a tween it’s about testing the waters … not jumping in. Ha! That’s for the teen years!

But, I remembered the feeling of wanting to empower myself. There were so many things that I saw other tweens do or say or wear that made me wonder if I was not a normal tween.‚  They would dress in ways that would seem like they were competing for attention, the not so good kind, and surged jealousy in us girls whose parents weren’t so liberal in giving us everything we wanted.

The tween years are filled with competition, jealousy and insecurities. So how can we help our tweens feel a little empowered while promoting good values, sub-consciously of course. I spoke with FAO Schwartz Tween expert on hot products that are specifically designed to inspire tweens that parents will willingly want to invest on.

Depending on your little tween’s personality or inner wild child,‚ Rebelle‚ has created handbags that any girl would brag about.‚ Rebelle‚ is the only handbag collection available exclusively to the tween market. The detachable handbags come with a zipper down the middle so you can share them with a friend, thus teaching girls to share and the value of friendship. You can also join the‚ Rebelle‚ Friendship Club and become pen pals with girls from across the world. How distinguished, even for a tween, to say they have a friend in a foreign land.

If you have a very creative and eclectic tween, that you don’t mind spending a little money on to help develop their creative side,‚ Imagine This‚ has just the gift.‚ Imagine This‚ has created custom handbags for that fashionista who is a little finicky. With this special design opportunity, your tween will first receive her Designer’s Portfolio, which has everything she will need to design a bag she can call her own. The kit includes templates and fabric swatches that she can hand pick. Once her design has been completed, you can submit it to the talented designers at‚ Imagine This,‚ who will turn the original design into an actual handbag.

Handbags not your tweens forte? Jump-start their passion to become a fashion designer with this Project Runway Fashion and Figure Drawing Set. The Kit comes with a 12-inch wooden mannequin model, pencils, sketchbook, and more. Sketch your inspired design ideas to create a complete fashion portfolio.

Last but certainly not least, a gift any tween would feel creative with is Silk Scarf Painting by ALEX. Create a brilliant rainbow of freely flowing vibrant colors on pure, shimmery 100% silk. Kit comes with one 45″ long scarf and one 28″ bandana. Decorating supplies include 3 real bamboo brushes, mixing palette, eye dropper, rubber gloves, chunky salt, and easy step-by-step instructions.

Tweens can be a challenge to raise but it can be even worse around the holidays, figuring out what to buy them. Don’t leave the shopping up to your imagination or try to determine what your tween is thinking. The experts know best, and your tween will be pleased with your ability to find their inner spirit they thought you never understood. You can find all of these great gift ideas at FAO Schwartz stores.

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