Jamah is a word with many definitions. In Islam it can mean unanimous agreement and in Muslim culture it refers to a man’s clothing. For Nancy Gale Jamah means “Be Who You Are.” Who she is, is a great handbag designer. Not only are her bags made with a mission, they are made with utility in mind and people like Brad Pitt seem to like it. Jamah was established in 2000 and it has grown to do good along the way of success.

In True Fashion was created to raise the self esteem in American youth. We mentor students in creating a bag and experiencing all aspects of a business to discover their own creativity and abilities; if we can help them work and care for an outside object we can tap into their self esteem and make them care about themselves too, about their world and their own backyard,” said Nancy Gale, founder of Jamah Bags. “We are in a day and age where people really want to help out. Jamah developed two years ago but In True Fashion has always been in my mind to be the cause of this business.”

Such business began after Gayle, a technical writer by profession, got sent home from the office too many times because she was, “too fashion conscious.” As she explained, her interest in design had always been present but she never really imagined making a living from it. After one too many corporate America snubs she worked as an event gift tent creator. While hunting for products she also incorporated bags she designed to the gifts. It turned out people really liked those bags. Her boss, friends and bag fans convinced her to start selling them.

Originally only sold online, the bags got a boost of attention when Brangelina bought the fashionable and usable Nanny diaper bag. Poppa Pitt has to carry milk bottles in style, after all. The rest, as they say, is history and Gale now has different collections and major stores asking for bags to sell.

“The designs have been really popular because I found a way to combine utility with modern looks, the combination of these leaves you with something that is classic and timeless and I really create bags people can wear for 20 years. I worked everything virally and I was very blessed when Brad and Angelina bought my bags; we were ready and they were the piece that made everyone stop and say, “Ëœoh wow.’ People like that when you invest in Jamah you invest in a really good bag,” the designer added.

Architecture and art help Gale become aware of lines and frames that can make a timeless look. After that, she builds a bag, as she explained, from the inside out to see how space can be used to the fullest. Add the most, “luscious leathers” and vivid colors the designer searches for and the bags become original fashion pieces.

On sale from $50 to $700‚ accessories‚ and bags are all at Jamah.com and just as the bags do, the website reflects Gale’s peaceful and happy demeanor. In fact, it is probably this characteristic that makes her business thrive. Gale is a California girl, happy to live her dream to wake up and design for a living and willing to help others with her gains. Not concerned with the typical fashion calendar, she said she doesn’t have specific fall or spring lines. Rather, she releases new designs on a set schedule that are based on things triggering her imagination.

“I think once you tie yourself to a label and are expected to have new material every season what you end up with is the same bag in different colors.‚  We want to make people understand who we are and to really make sure people see In True Fashion as the focus of the company. I decided to go season-less but go with a natural inspiration,” Gale said.‚  “I want people to look at the bag and say “Ëœ yeah that’s Jamah,’ by the design, usefulness and beauty of the bag.”

The organization that makes teenagers use their imagination to design a bag and raise their self-esteem is not the only thing Jamah is instituting. Since they got their start on the Internet, Gale wants to use new media and social web tools to reach consumers.

Currently, she is running a contest on Facebook, the social networking website, where people can enter a contest to get a bag named after them. Contrary to belief, you don’t have to be young and beautiful to win. Contestants must submit a reason for why they should have a bag named after them. This message is what will determine the winner.

“I am designing handbags so there’s really no brain surgery to it, its just a blessing to do something like this,” Gale confessed.‚  “One thing we do here is everything everyone says not to do. I am doing what feels right and discovered so many people also want to help for no specific reason. We want to be a brand that stands for something instead of going to mainstream stores.”

For your chance to get a Jamah bag, email your information to [email protected] by December 31 and enter to win!

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