Q: Okay, what was it like meeting Steven Spielberg? Only every film nerds dream…

ERIC: It’s simply amazing to finally meet your boyhood hero.‚  And on top of that, really wonderful when you realize, long afterwards, that you’ve chosen your heroes well.

We were in Los Angeles doing a bit of publicity, coordinated by our agent, and get a call that we have a meeting with Steven Spielberg the next day.‚  Emotions quickly shift from my initially feeling disbelief…to sick with nervousness…to elated… to sick.‚  No agenda… just… meet The Man himself.‚  Unreal.

We arrived at Amblin the next day, and after waiting for a few minutes in a conference room, in walked Steven Spielberg.‚  He welcomed us, sat down next to us, and for the next forty minutes or so we just chatted, about what it was like to make Raiders, what was behind the story, other great movies.‚  He said that he wanted the fans to know that regarding Indy IV, they weren’t dragging their feet.‚  Discussions over scripts were delaying things, but while it’d be easy to put out an average film, their commitment was to make sure that the new film was done right.‚  He was very genuine, open, warm, real.‚  When I mentioned that it would have been great to see deleted scenes from Raiders, he asked, “I think we have the gag reel here somewhere.‚  Want to see it?”‚  A few minutes later, we are sitting in Mr. Spielberg’s office, watching the gag reel that the crew put together with outtakes and funny moments from Raiders and Temple of Doom. It was hilarious, and I had a feeling that we were seeing something that very few people outside the original crews of these films had ever seen.

Q: What did you think of most recent Indy offering – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

ERIC: To get it out of the way, it’s not Raiders. It’s ultimately a great thrill ride and seeing Harrison (Ford) in the fedora and costume again after all this time was like seeing an old friend. It was worth the price of admission alone to see him back in action again, one last time.

Q: Is it true a film is being made about your Raiders project?

ERIC: Yes. Currently the script by Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) is in active development at Paramount.

Q: Who would you choose to play you?

ERIC: I honestly don’t know. I’m actually glad that I have no say in the matter. I suspect it would keep me up at night.

CHRIS: I’m sure there’s, somewhere in the world, some chubby Greek kid actor who’d be a fit!

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