We love the little Orbit. It’s like a little baby who’s so cute and cuddly until you wake it up and it lets out a bellowing scream, the depth of which you didn’t feel possible from something so tiny. The iM237 is a new model with mainly design changes.

I’m an audio guy. I like the wires and plugs and cones and crossovers. I’m not a pro, but I know what I like.

When you get something like the Altec Lansing Orbit Mp3 and a crisp, clean sound with great bass and highs (read the back of the box, they quoted me) it’s easy to realize why name is still the first thing audiophiles look at when they buy a toy.

The best thing about this little speaker is that you can plug anything into it and share your tunes. Don’t underestimate it either; it’s loud!

You get a solid day out of 3 AAA batteries, so have the rechargeables ready to go.


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