At least 80 people have been killed, 250 injured and more held hostage in Mumbai, India, in coordinated terror attacks, according to news agencies.

The attackers, armed with machine guns, bombs and grenades struck at least seven sites throughout Mumbai Wednesday and were holding Western hostages at two hotels, according to NBC news.

“We have reports of 80 people dead and at least 250 injured. Many have serious injuries and the toll will go up,” P.D. Ghadge, a police officer in the main control room in Mumbai, told Reuters.

The locations included luxury hotels, a police station and a train station.

Indian television reported that one of the victims is Hemant Karkare, the chief of India’s anti-terrorist squad in Mumbai.

Authorities are saying that Westerners, especially British and American civilians, have been targeted.

Blast will bring more details forth as they emerge.

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  1. Samuel Gill

    I am sorry – number of dead are much more than being declared. 60-80 were told couple of hrs. back from a single hotel [ Taj ]

    Not only ATS chief is killed with three bullets hits in his chest – there are two more senior mumbai police personal got killed along with him.

    This is wrong and misleading reports by international media that terrorits have machine guns. They have AK 47 and AK 56 rifles with large number of hand granades which they used and still using in large numbers.

    Top Indian agencies like NSG, Naval Merines and Indian army are inside three hotels and operation is still ON while I am typing these words.

    You can contact me : 919915160121 24x 7


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