If there is something people have in common is having that person who loves to take pictures. Whether it is birthdays, weddings or these holiday events, that special photographer is ready to capture the Kodak moment. So what to give them now when a Nikon camera may not be part of the budgeted gifts? There are other fun alternatives. One of them created by PhotoFiddle.com.

In their website, customers can upload their favorite shot, or that of their indie-professional photographer, and turn it into a piece of art, literally.

“Photofiddle.com was created to allow everyone to be an artist. All of us have great photos taken during the holidays or on vacations and special occasions. Those photos sit in a shoe box collecting dust or on our computer hard drives,” said Ira Gross, “Photofiddle users get to create personalized artwork from any photo on canvas or art print.”

The finishing product is great for personalized decorating of your home or office and makes for a unique gift. With over 30 finishing styles to choose from and prices starting at $14.95 there is a gift option for everyone. After a test-drive it was fun to discover the company’s system is easy to use and see the end result before buying it, making sure that you will like what you receive.

That photo aficionado who loves to shoot and share those special moments in your family or social circle will get a kick out of seeing their art in a new way… framed and ready to hang.

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