Monday we reported that Guitar Hero guitars worked in Rock Band 2 and that the Nyko FrontMan Guitar now needed to be set to “Guitar Hero” mode in order to work in Rock Band 2 — and indeed it does not work at all in “Rock Band” mode set on the guitar’s receiver.s

We brought this to the attention of Nyko, and upon further investigation, they found that a recent PS3 firmware update is causing the FrontMan input mechanism to change. When playing Rock Band II on the PS3 with firmware version 2.52, setting the FrontMan dongle to “Rock Band” causes the guitar to not work with the game. Versions prior to this firmware work just fine, as does Rock Band I.

Full statement from Nyko:

It has come to our attention that a recent firmware update for the PlayStation3, version 2.52, has caused some changes to the input mechanism of the Nyko Technologies FrontMan guitar.

The FrontMan guitar was introduced to retailers on April 2, 2008, as a quality alternative to the first-party models, with additional features including the interchangeable pick guards, a unique design, and wireless connectivity facilitated by a dongle in the form of an effects pedal. Since the PS3 firmware version 2.52, introduced on November 5, 2008, we began receiving reports of complications using the FrontMan with Rock Band II. Upon further investigation, we found that the latest firmware may be causing the input mechanism of the FrontMan guitar to malfunction, and a simple fix has been introduced involving the wireless dongle to be switched to “Guitar Hero” while playing Rock Band II, completely resolving the issue. It should be noted that Rock Band I is not affected, nor will firmware versions prior to v2.52 cause this issue.

Nyko Technologies is committed to improving the gaming experience with the best quality peripherals available on the market, combined with unique value-add features that cannot be found on any other product at the time of launch. We regret that the latest firmware may cause some trouble to Rock Band II players using the FrontMan, but we fully acknowledge this issue and provide the simple afore-mentioned solution. We will continue to do our best in providing gamers with accessories that they can enjoy with the best games, and our customer support team is prepared to provide assistance to ensure a great experience with our products.

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