Before you read this, you should read my article about the scientists who want to resurrect the mammoth.‚  It’s pretty unbelievable.

This would be amazing.‚  To think that you could one day go and see animals that have been extinct for thousands of years!‚  It’s an unbelievable breakthrough for sure, if it does happen, and hopefully it branches out into other animals.‚  There are scores of samples of extinct creatures in museums across the world and if scientists can get what they need, this could go on for a while.

It would have to be done in moderation of course, we can’t be bringing back every extinct species just because we can.‚  That could get ugly.

I really like the idea about the neanderthals too, though many would obviously have a serious problem with that.‚  Sarah Palin for one.‚  It’s a huge breakthrough for sure and if it goes through, it would give us a real look at what was going on tens of thousands of years ago.‚  Not to mention it would be really cool.

It would also be cool to see how they act.‚  Their customs would be like ours, I guess, depending on their treatment and where they are placed in society.‚  Ethical rules would be created, you can’t have the guy sitting in a lab all day being poked and prodded by Penn State scientists.‚  That’s no one’s idea of an ideal existence.

That would be a major hot button issue. If you make one, what do you do with it after it starts…existing?

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