Two classically funny and action-filled Martin Lawrence movies are coming to Blu-ray on Tuesday.

In “National Security,” Martin partners with Steve Zahn as LAPD rejects turned security guards who take down a smuggling ring to prove themselves to their law enforcement betters.

In “Blue Streak,” Martin’s a master jewel thief who made a $20 million heist before getting busted. He stashed his loot, a huge diamond, in some duct work at a construction site just before the heat came down on him. The problem: that construction site was a future police station, which dumbfounds the thief when he gets out of prison.

I’d say “Blur Streak” is the bigger classic among our generation. It came out when many of us were young high schoolers, during a slow movie period, and I bet a lot of us saw it by default.

Both Blu-ray flicks feature 1080p high def visuals and Dolby TrueHD 5.1 sound. “Security” features a Disturbing Tha Peace music video, alternate ending, director commentary, and deleted scenes. “Streak” has a making-of featurette, an HBO first look, and music videos.

Don’t spend more than $20 though.

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