This book is awesome!‚  Granted I’ve only read two chapters, but so far, I’m as confounded by Edward’s behavior as Bella is.

First of all, as a reader you can tell Bella is a lot better looking than she thinks she is.‚  She talks about how pale she is and stuff but it’s just a feeling I have as a reader.

Meyer is a really basic writer, which I like, nothing too extravagant, just a good story to pull the reader in.‚  Very classic.

First of all, that preface really threw me off, it was so unexpected and for that reason, a great way to start the novel.

The first conversation between Edward and Bella was really strange, but interesting.‚  I’m trying to figure out why he’s so interested in her, and why he all of sudden clenches his fists like that in class.‚  And how he is such a biology wiz.

I’m excited to read more conversations between the two.

The only reason I stopped reading the book was because I had to do some homework and write articles for this site.‚  Thanks Blast.

Anyway, I’m going to read a lot more tonight and come back tomorrow.‚  I’m excited.‚  I can’t wait for the vampire part.

By the way, thanks to Lauren who posted a comment on my last post.‚  I totally agree with her when she says you look past all the simplicities of the novel and get totally lost in the story.‚  This coming from someone who has only read two chapters.

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