Alright, so here’s the scoop.‚  I haven’t read one novel in the Twilight series. I didn’t even know what the series was about until yesterday, when I inadvertently came across a Robert Pattinson interview on TV.

I like him cause he was in Goblet of Fire and I’m a big huge Harry Potter fan, so I already resent Twilight for stealing the fall spot from Half-Blood Prince.

Anyway, the plot for Twilight sounds pretty intriguing so I’ve finally decided to sit down and read it starting this weekend. I like vampires so it wasn’t too tough of a decision.‚  However I was told not to expect anything like Dracula.

So I’ll be posting my opinions and stuff as I go along.‚  I’m hoping this book turns out to be one I read at every spare moment in the day. I’ve been told it’s that gripping.

Oh, and if anyone has any opinions on how I should approach this let me know.

I asked a friend of mine today and she told me to get in a romantic mood.‚  I was also promised action so I’m hoping for a little of that.

I’ve been following some of the mob stories here on Blast about the crowds of females showing up to some of the Twilight events.‚  I’ve never heard of anyone going that crazy over a book, mind you the crowds are probably more for Pattinson than anything to do with the book.

But I will have to admit I don’t know one guy who has read any of the novels.‚  But, I want to read it.‚  So I’m going to.

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  1. Lauren

    Congratulations on losing your “Twilight” virginity! I as well am a baby Twilighter. I was a huge fan of Robert Pattinson before anyone really knew who he was, and I heard about the books earlier on, but paid no attention to them. More and more publicity, on top of the positive things I was hearing from friends, pressured me into to giving up last Friday, and borrowing the first book from a friend. I was immediately hooked. It was a very easy read, and as a literature and English student, I should have been bothered by the lack of depth, but the interaction between Bella and Edward was so incredibly written, I completely forgot about the book’s flaws. It sucked me in, I was lost in the story, and to me, that’s what literature is all about. I couldn’t bring myself to put the book down to fall asleep at night, resulting in insomnia for two nights. I picked up “New Moon” this morning; I finished it this afternoon. I’m starting the third book tonight. You’re certainly not the only male in the Twilight audience. I have plenty of guy friends who enjoy the books, and a few early mornings ago when my friends and I stood in line to meet Robert Pattinson here in Dallas (yes, I was one of them, we couldn’t resist), there was a shockingly large amount of guys sprinkled amongst the crowd. In essence, yes, it’s very gripping. Prepare to be dazzled.

  2. Michelle Sifre

    Since you are new to the Twilight universe, you probably don’t know about Kaleb Nation. He is a young writer who also picked up the series after being bombarded with the story. He blogs about each chapter he reads. He also has stories sent in from other guys who have been converted into Twilight fans. I highly recommend you check out his site. Beware of spoilers as he is currently on the third book, but the stories sent in are quite interesting.


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