NFL sources tell the Boston Globe that Tom Brady returned to Boston for a checkup on his surgically repaired left knee. The same sources confirmed that Brady has suffered from a postoperative staph infection that has slowed his rehab process.

The good news is that, in all likelihood, the patella tendon graft will be kept and Brady won’t need a second surgery.

That said, Brady is still behind in his rehab process and that will jeopardize his 2009 season. Infections of this nature also increase the risk of scar tissue buildup and long-term stiffness and aches.

San Diego’s Philip Rivers is a rare case. He played on a bum ACL in the AFC Championship game and was fine for Week 1. But, in November 2006, Donovan McNabb tore his ACL and wasn’t really himself until late in the 2007 season.

Neither player had issues with a staph infection, however. And, keep in mind that the left knee is his plant knee. Anyone get a whiff of Peyton Manning earlier this year? He was just coming back after having a bursa sac removed in his plant knee and was awfully tentative.

If Brady is human (and I think he might be although no sources will confirm this), he’s likely to be a little uneasy looking downfield as the likes of Dwight Freeney and Terrell Suggs roll around on the ground by his patella tendon-grafted knee.

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  1. Tom Casale

    Actually its no in jeopardy at all. Not even close. Stop making things up and do some research and fact checking before you come up with this garbage.

  2. Matt

    I don’t normally revel in the pain of others but I cant help but be happy when I hear of an important Boston player going down or remaining injured. I wish Boston (all teams) the worst. And yes, I am petty.

  3. Mark Freeney

    I just have one more question is Brady coming back to play this 2009 season because now that cassel is gone we need a QB and if brady is not palying How will? that is my comment lets just hope that he can play like the 2007 season (unlikely).


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