Chuck, the hit NBC TV show that made its debut last year as a tag of Action-comedy, has become identified as the action-comedy-drama with-a-cliffhanger show after almost every episode. Obtaining rather good reception for a new show that had problems during the writers strike, the first season introduced Chuck reading an email from an old friend in Stanford. As he reads the email a bunch of random pictures jump on the screen and Chuck passes out after watching them.

It turns out that Chuck’s friend, a rouge spy, had given him a CIA computer with an “intersect” that was put in his brain. With no way of extracting it, the CIA has no chance but to keep him protected until they can make a new intersect. His handlers become hot blonde-and badass- Sarah Walker and a very sarcastic Major John Casey. They protect Chuck everywhere including in his job at the Buy More shop (a Best Buy look-alike).

Chuck was such a success that it was signed for a second season. Now, the CIA has finally found a person for the intersect Chuck was mistakenly given and will be able to put it to good use. But just as Chuck is about to go back to a normal life the brain of the person he was to be replaced with blows up and Chuck’s hopes are dashed.

Chuck is often seen being used as a “spy” despite the fact that he has had no training in any form of spy technique. This usually gets his identity compromised and Chuck is held captive time and time again.

In season one Chuck’s handler Sarah is struggling between Chuck and his ex-friend Bryce Larkin (the one who sent the intersect to Chuck). Chuck and Sarah have been on and off in the last season and its hard to tell if they really even love each other. This season will be interesting to see how their relationship develops.‚ 

Also in season two, Chuck, Sarah and John are found doing missions for the government using Chuck as a spy most of the time and getting him into life threatening danger without remorse.

The show still has a good base of fans and as long as the writers decide to take it somewhere different in the next few episodes they should gain even more viewers. For originality of story line but hoping to see new twists Chuck’s second season gets a for out of five in my scale.

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