Fall is here and along with it wind, rain, snow and similar hair-ruining weather changes. However, stylists and designers have made it easy for you this season with “hobo-romantic” hairstyles. Blast spoke to lead stylist and Fashion Week usual Nick Penna, who owns SalonCapri, to get the list of things to do to get the look.

First off, be prepared for long tresses. Throughout the catwalks at this year’s NY Fashion Week, long dark hair was ever-present. Think rich brunette colors. Penna assures that this serves a purpose, “at the Fashion Week shows what I was seeing was the kind of boho chick look that will be really in this season. Hair is long, very romantic, very soft. Subtle details included little braids; headbands are making a big statement right now too and this whole look is useful and fun, free and flowy.”

However most of us are not blessed with naturally “flowy” hair and deal with the typical frizziness or lack of volume, to name a few.‚  For this the stylist suggests using headbands. They have become very popular accessories seen all over the place, from Gossip Girl to Madonna’s forehead.

Penna said that the headband is taking center stage even more though, “headbands are huge accessories right now and they are very easy to use because they take the hair back and really show off the headband.”‚  By pulling the hair back into a sleek low-bun, ponytail or braid the simple do can be glamed up by adding a headband with details and any untamed hair is hidden.

Other tips include using smoothing and cream based products that eliminate excess frizz and soften curly hair to look soft and romantic.‚  Curl enhancing products are better too if you have a natural wave to the hair and want to give it more definition. Air-drying is also better than blow drying or straightening. The straight from roots-to-ends hairstyle is no longer popular and looks severe, Penna said.

Try this tip from the pro, “create braids in the front, near the temple area. Take a small section of hair in the temple area and braid the entire section, pull it back and join into a ponytail so you can see the detail from the side,” Penna said. Just remember to keep it simple. “Don’t over exceed, two or three small braids scattered around are more than enough.”

For a more vivid guide, look at Blake Lively. Penna is a fan of her hair, saying that for this season’s trends she is the, “epitome of the style without a doubt.”

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Bessie King is a Blast contributing editor. She can be reached at [email protected]

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