Nyko’s Media Hub+ adds three additional USB ports and a media card reader slot that supports SD cards and Memory Sticks to the PlayStation 3. Basically this item speaks for itself.

There are two questions you may ask yourself. First, does the product and all of its ports work? The answer is yes. Second, do you actually need this?

If you are a 20 GB or 40 GB PS3 owner, your console doesn’t have a media card reader or the additional USB ports that the 60GB and 80GB models have. At first this does not seem too important, but with the increasing trend of devices wanting to connect to your console through USB, this becomes a problem fairly quickly. This beautiful little Media Hub+ comes to the rescue with style!

The Media Hub+ is designed to go in first USB port of your console, snapping in easily. It is black and shaped so it fits flush with your PS3 in vertical or horizontal position. This is a nice design choice unlike any other media hub you may purchase, which would give your console odd looking extremities.

Nyko also did their homework, because the package comes with a small adapter that fits snug within the Media Hub+ to ensure it fits with all the different models of PS3s available to date.

Most importantly, the Media Hub+ is powered by the console so you do not have to look for an empty power socket just to make it work.

It does exactly what it is meant to do at and extremely reasonable price, $19.99.

What many present and future PS3 owners do not realize is how much use those USB ports on their console are going to get. The two USB ports on just the 40GB model are just not enough. The PlayStation Eye and charging one controller will fill up those two ports alone. Then there is the PSP connectivity taking a port. Not including if you wanted to add a full keyboard or mouse to make surfing the web and chatting easier. Let’s also not forget games like Rock Band that have multiple connecting instruments. And if you are trying to use a flash memory stick, it is a constant hassle to repeatedly unplug all the other devices just to have an open port to plug in your USB stick.

Sony has constantly mentioned its 10-year life cycle plan for the PS3. Who knows what other devices Sony will unveil that will connect to the PlayStation 3?

On the negative side, it is only possible to connect one Media Hub+ to your console. It is impossible to connect two on a 20 GB or 40 GB, and if you tried using two on the 60 GB or 80 GB model you would be covering over other USB ports rendering them useless in your attempts to get more. So do not get greedy and buy two.

Being the owner of a 40 GB model, my final verdict was that additional USB ports and a media card reader for $19.99 was a good deal. I make this a necessity to own even if you already have model with more USB ports. It never hurts to have more ports.

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