Winterizing your wardrobe on a worn out budget, thanks to the wayward economy, can leave one feeling a little frigid in the spending spree department. But thanks to some great designers and a few smart tricks, shopping doesn’t have to be — or at least appear to be — so frugal for the more fashionable minded shopper.

We saw in the fall the landscape that designers laid out earlier this year on the runway. The styles were reminiscent to the 1920s and 30s era of the Depression, with pencil skirts and vintage lace tops and of course the paperboy hats that seem to make us feel demure while walking down the street, even if we have to buy it for a dime at a second hand store.

Classic but traditional pieces can be found almost anywhere.

Winter fashion can be one of the best wardrobe seasons we have. There is nothing cooler than dialed down temperatures to compliment your cool, layered look. So cozy up to a warm mug of hot cocoa and let’s hash out some of this seasons hot closet must haves.

With the woes of the economy and the long winter months of cool air and shorter daylight, it’s easy to get trapped in the negative tone of just wearing black on black. So, instead of dimming down your outfit to reflect an unsure spirit, show some life that still burns inside you with an outfit that is kicked up with color.

This season hosts some bright but not blinding colors like green, gold, blue and deep plums. So pick the color that you like best and find it in one of this seasons styles.

If you’re seeking a little over the top attention with the trendy colors this year, slip on a cool sequined top or even a glossy style dress with black liquid tights. That’s rights, it’s all about the sequins and gloss, just do it within reason. No need to reflect light off you like a flashbulb on a disco dance floor!

If you still want to wear your chic depression era duds from fall, no worries, we have just the complimentary pieces to keep you styling all winter, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. ‚ Coats are a must have, especially if you live in cooler climates! Tuxedo jackets make the perfect comeback to compliment any wardrobe. With its bold straight lines, you will feel tall and sleek, even if what you have on underneath is not all that new and stylish.

Wool cashmere petal collar coat with belt $2,595 by Stella McCartney

Wool cashmere petal collar coat with belt $2,595 by Stella McCartney

Exterior sex appeal is all the rage this winter. Who doesn’t feel a little safe and warm while wearing our man’s coat? Only now we can have a tuxedo jacket all our own!

Both of these trends are easy to attain no matter what your budget. Target has their new GO International Collection hitting the stores now so you can be just as stylish as those who shop at the trendy boutiques stores, only on a smaller budget of course.

Still want more spark in your wardrobe? Heat up the holidays with a little flair. Bare your not so long ago summer shoulders in a strapless cocktail dress made of chiffon. While you’re at it, accent it with a stylish statement necklace like a large pendant, a long strand of beads or a chunky choker.

We can’t forget the model for all outfits, SHOES! Even the dullest outfits can be kicked up a notch with a killer pair of boots. This season hosts a huge selection of heals, flats, and fringes that will have you walking your way to some of the hottest looks, from girls and guys! Tall boots, the ones that come up over your knee, are all the rage this season. Whether it’s a stunning pair from Nine West or Stella McCartney, they are key for any outfit.

Who would have thought the hooker boots Vivian wore on Pretty Woman could be so hot! Don’t forget to work that tall heal! If you are not so daring, or maybe a little awkward in heals, you can still be trendy in a cute ankle boot. Just throw on a pair of leggings, a long sweater, and you’re ready to go.

Those are the basics! Sequined or glossy styled tops, (don’t forget to get it in one of the season’s hottest colors) tuxedo jackets, leggings of any style or pattern, strapless party dresses and uber tall or ankle style boots!

If you’re not in the mood to go all out, accessories can dress you up too. Add a scarf to your wardrobe, grab a cool clutch in faded hews of green and blue, or throw on a chunky style necklace that will give you a tiny touch of this seasons finest finishes.

If you are a fashion forward guy or maybe you ladies have a guy who needs a little help, we have a few must haves for men too.

Luckily the styles are very reminiscent to women’s fashion. Tuxedo style suits, in dark colors are super hot on a cool winter night. This trend may seem a little ordinary, but it’s far from it. The tuxedo style suit, as revealed during designer Paul Smiths fashion show, revealed a shorter sleeve and shorter than normal hem line.‚ The new men’s look in suits are so hot off the runway, that even in this chilled weather, had us reaching for a fan.‚  Just add accessories, like blue shades, to add some color.

Another fashion necessity for men is a bomber style jacket. We need to keep our men warm too! And if he is a little risky, he can even try sport coats and pants with mixed prints and square patterns! But I have to say, wear at your own risk.

So there it is, winter must haves that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy no matter what your budget.

Just make sure you button up, it’s getting cold out there!

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