And you were worried we wouldn’t tell you exactly where and how to get your chance to meet the Twilight cast.

Hot Topic just released the names of the malls the cast will be visiting. Now, before you scroll down, there are a few conditions. To meet Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, you must be one of the first 500 people at the store and buy the $30 Twilight Tour T-shirt to get a wristband. For Taylor Lautner, Edi Gathegi, and Rachelle Lefavre, you need to be one of the first 750 people. No cameras will be allowed, but you can get one autograph on a poster Hot Topic provides.

If you’re thinking you might have to sleep outside of the mall the night before, you’re probably not far off.

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11/10 – San Francisco, CA at Stonestown Galleria with Robert Pattinson “Edward”

11/10 – Seattle, WA at Southcenter Mall with Taylor Lautner “Jacob,” Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Rachelle Lefevre “Victoria”

11/11 – Dallas, TX at Dallas Galleria with Robert Pattinson “Edward”

11/11 – Denver, CO at Park Meadows Mall with Taylor Lautner “Jacob,” Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Rachelle Lefevre “Victoria”

11/12 – Chicago, IL at Orland Square Mall with Robert Pattinson “Edward”

11/12 – Scottsdale, AZ at Fashion Square Mall with Taylor Lautner “Jacob,” Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Rachelle Lefevre “Victoria”

11/13 – Philadelphia, PA at Plaza at King of Prussia with Robert Pattinson “Edward”

11/13 – Houston, TX (Location TBA) with Taylor Lautner “Jacob,” Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Rachelle Lefevre “Victoria”

11/13 – Fairfax, VA at Fair Oaks Mall with Kristen Stewart “Bella”

11/14 – Boston MA at Square One Mall with Robert Pattinson “Edward”

11/14 – Minneapolis, MN at Mall of America with Taylor Lautner “Jacob,” Edi Gathegi “Laurent” & Rachelle Lefevre “Victoria”

11/14 – Paramus, NJ at Garden State Plaza with Kristen Stewart “Bella”

11/15 – Miami, FL at Shops at Sunset with Taylor Lautner “Jacob,” Edi Gathegi “Laurent”

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  1. afra

    Can you please tell me when are they coming to Canada ? Please
    I really request them to come here atleast to TORONTO !!
    Please !!!!!!!

  2. Raven

    I Wish they could come to Dominica but that will never happern i live in this so called nature island of the caribbean and no one knows about it…:(

  3. Sara

    I wish i could meet them all? I live IN Wyoming And i have now way of being able to see them which sucks really bad

  4. Priscilla

    I saw Taylor Lautner and Rachelle and Edi just a few hours ago!!! It was absolutely amazing! They’re so beautiful in person….
    Especially Taylor 🙂

  5. lissette

    ugh!! i heard on the radio that they are here in Las Vegas, but i dont know exactly where!!! :/

  6. laura

    i love twilight!!!!!!!!!!! pleazeeeee tell me when they r comin to new york i really need to know!!!

  7. Amanda

    rumored Taylor and Robert were going to show up in Michigan. Is this true, and when are the dates?

  8. Rachel


    fyi, this is from Katelyn, Bridget and Rachel. =D


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