Keep informed by checking this post for results from key states as they come in.‚  Updates will come every 10-15 minutes, but big announcements will be updated as soon as they roll in.

6:20 p.m.:‚  The New York Times is reporting that of the early ballots counted so far in Kentucky, 60% are for McCain.‚  Of the early ballots counted in New Hampshire, 67% are for Obama.

6:30 p.m.:‚  CNN reports McCain’s early lead in Kentucky stands, Obama up in Indiana with 55% of early vote

6:40 p.m.:‚  CNN reports Obama’s lead in Indiana slips, he has 51% now of early returns.‚  In Kentucky, McCain’s lead stretches with 68% of the early ballots in his favor.‚  Not surprising, Kentucky is a red state and Indiana is a tossup.

6:50 p.m.:‚  Leads hold in both states.‚  Many polls close at 7 p.m., including Florida and Virginia, to routinely red states that are, in this election, battlegrounds.‚  A win in these states would signal a win for Obama.

7:00 p.m.: WHOA.‚  McCain’s lead in Kentucky dwindles, he has just 51% of the returns in his favor now.‚  Obama’s now at 50% to McCain’s 48% in Indiana.

7:03:‚  CNN projects Obama will carry Vermont, and McCain will carry Kentucky.‚  So it’s 8-3 for McCain.

7:15: McCain leading Virginia, 55%-44% very early.‚  Obama ahead by one point in Indiana.‚  Virginia is very important, a republican state that has been leaning democrat during campaigning.‚  CNN just beamed Jessica Yelin into the Situation Room, Star Wars style.‚  McCain leading in Florida, by seven points.

7:28:‚  A few more polls about to close.‚  McCain still carrying Virginia, now by 12 points in very early reports.‚  McCain takes control of Indiana by 5 points, however many democratic counties have yet to be counted.‚  Florida now being held by Obama 48%-34%, weird numbers. McCain carrying Georgia with early reports calling 70% in his favor.‚  No surprise.

7:38: North Carolina, 51%-49% for Obama.‚  Very early but if that holds on, very big victory.‚  Florida numbers fixed, Obama up 57-43, that’s HUGE, but only 2% of precincts reporting so far.‚  Indiana, same deal as before, 51%-48% with 20% of precincts in.‚  Popular vote, 51%-48% for Obama.

7:50: First polls in Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania going to close at 8, as well as more polls in Florida and other states.‚  Right now, leads are pretty much the same a they were at 7:38, however in North caronlina Obama is now up by almost 20%.‚  Also now, in Virginia, McCain up by 15%.

7:56: South Carolina called for John McCain.‚  CBS and Fox News calling West Virginia for McCain as well.

8:00:‚  Projections: Obama: Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Maine (3 of 4 electoral votes), D.C., Delaware and Massachusetts, NBC adding Pennsylvania and New Hampshire to that list.

McCain: Oklahoma and Tennessee

103-34 for Obama.

8:10: Losing Penn. is a big negative McCain, he really needed to win that state and he thought he’d made significant ground there.‚  Still 51-48 in Indiana for McCain.

8:20: Obama up in Florida by seven points.‚  Crazy.‚  McCain holding small lead in Indiana.‚  Obama leading in North Carolina by near 20% and in Ohio by 15%.‚  Ohio is HUGE.‚  McCain holding lead in Virginia, up by 56%.

8:30: Obama so far winning democrat states, McCain carrying the republican ones.‚  Obama’s lead in North Carolina, Florida and Ohio stands.‚  McCain’s in Virginia and Indiana also stands.‚  Keep an eye on Indiana.

8:50: Obama holding lead in Florida (now three points) and in North Carolina. A commanding lead in Ohio.‚  McCain holding on to Indiana, and now has leads in Michigan and Missouri, the former by seven points and the latter by 17 points.‚  McCain holding on to Virginia as well by nine points.‚  He needs that after losing Penn.

9:15:‚  Obama winning in North Carolina and Ohio still as well as in Florida by three points.‚  McCain holds leads in Virginia, Colorado, Indiana and Missouri.

9:30:‚  OHIO HAS BEEN CALLED FOR OBAMA.‚  A huge victory.‚  Colorado has tipped Obama’s way, he has a five point lead there.‚  His small Florida lead is holding up as well.‚  McCain’s leads in Indiana, Missouri, and Virginia are holding up.

9:55: Obama leading in Colorado, Florida and North Carolina.‚  McCain in Indiana (1 point) Missouri and Virginia.

10:00:‚  Seriously contemplating whether updating this is even necessary.‚  You know it, I know it.‚  Obama’s taking this.‚  You can’t beat Ohio or the Redskins.

10:15: Obama still carrying Colorado, by a higher margin now.‚  Florida still by three points.‚  Virginia has moved over to the Obama side, he has a one point lead now.‚  McCain has Indiana still and Missouri.‚  Does it matter?

10:17: Popular vote: 50%-49% for Obama.‚  Over 50 million people have cast votes!

10:35: CNN keeps talking about Obama in the White House, but won’t declare him the winner.‚  If you don’t want to seem biased, don’t act it. Obama leading in Colorado, Florida and Virginia.‚  McCain has a 1 point lead in Indiana.‚  The race is deadlocked in North Carolina.

10:40: CBC declares Barack Obama the victor

11:00:‚  Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

11:20: ABC calls Florida for Obama.‚  It’s at 323 now.

11:25: AP calls Colorado and Nevada for Obama.‚  He’s sitting pretty with 338.

11:35: Waiting for Indiana and North Carolina to be called

12:20: IF you didn’t just watch that speech, watch it.‚  It was President Barack Obama’s best speech to date.‚  Tears flowed.‚  Oprah and Rev. Jesse Jackson cried.‚  A truly historical moment, and a symbol of how far this country has come.

North Carolina and Missouri still too close to call, Indiana been called for Obama, Montana called for McCain.

Missouri called for McCain, North Carolina still too close

NY Times calls North Carolina for Obama

Final count: 364-174.

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