Now that Ohio is solidly blue, CNN’s John King just hypothetically painted the rest of his magic map red and John McCain still can’t win. My guess is they will wait an hour or two to officially call this thing. The networks have been waiting two years for this night, they will milk their allotted time for the biggest ratings they can get.

Even better news, Bill Bennett is still throwing in the obligatory “If Obama wins…” to the amusement of the rest of his colleagues.

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  1. Isaias

    I am in love with the photograph of the ltitle girl playing the piano next to the wedding gown. I love children and weddings so, to me, it is the most beautiful image. You’re a talented photographer for sure! I will be visiting your blog often. Your pictures are wonderful.


    Right on John and Brandy! I have to say that I didn’t appreciate the Volt keynote at the IPI this year. I thought it was a self-serving promotion for Chevy. I think we are all getting “green” stuffed down our throats. If there is a need for a service (and I can justify its expense) I’ll put it in. If the masses want to pay for a service – I will provide access to it. But to ask everyone to cover the costs of a few is ridiculous.


    Achei ótimo os novos cardápios, pena que só posso viajar de econômica. só espero que não tenham esquecido dos vegetarianos, nós também viajamos pela tam.


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