Girls Gone Wild’s people said Tuesday that Corrie Loftin, a finalist on the MTV reality series “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” was a … ur … performer … on a Girls Gone Wild long before she was on the latest Paris Hilton show.

Check it out for yourself — They put up the whole video, in high definition, for free.

“Girls Gone Wild met the 22-year-old Loftin at a club in Dallas, Texas during a nationwide search for ‘The Hottest Girl in America’,” Girls Gone Wild said in a statement. “Loftin was invited aboard the GGW tour bus, where she engaged in playful erotic banter with the cameraman before removing her dress to put on a Girls Gone Wild T-shirt. As a result of her sexy performance, Loftin will appear along with other celebrities and starlets in Girls Gone Wild’s newest title, ‘Hollywood Gone Wild,’ to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc this winter.”

Well there’s the biggest effing surprise of an effing lifetime.

Here’s the scoop — before Paris’ lawyers get the video taken down or whatever. The video is pretty much just like everything Girls Gone Wild does: tasteless objectification of women and un-entertaining harassment.

And you’re talking to the guy that reviewed the Brady Bunch porno, boys and girls.

There’s a difference between professional porn and what GGW does.

We don’t normally cover the bullshit that Girls Gone Wild puts out, and I only put this up because it involves some form of news about the Paris Hilton show.

This video is actually kind of sad and disturbing to watch. There’s no sex or real nudity, just the guy trying to get her to take her clothes off and her saying “hi America” a bunch of times.

Download the video if you want. All I saw was a girl very, very desperate to be famous and some guys very, very willing to take advantage of that.

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  1. Em

    Ur a beautiful girl i wish u or shelly would have on on paris’s show.
    How come r on this webpage??
    You can do so much better than this girl.

  2. bob

    dude, she even wore that same dress on Paris BFF that she is wereing here on this GGW tape! lol, oops!!


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