Here’s the info on the whole Evil Iguana Productions crew:

Craig Deering

Age: 21
School: Columbia ’10, Film Major
Favorite Role: Craig, Joker
Favorite Film: Fight Club, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Dark Knight, The Departed, Smokin’ Aces
Favorite EI Production: The Dark Knight Trailer Spoof, The Allen and Craig Show Ep 5+, Fuzz
Quote: “I Swear one day I will save the world!”
Random Fact: He will marry Ellen Page or Hayley Williams one day … they just don’t know that yet

Allen Murphy

Age: 20
School: DuPage ’09, Columbia ’11, Film major
Favorite Role: Officer Murphy, Himself
Favorite Film: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Royal Tenenbaums, Rocky, Amadeus
Favorite EI Production: Fuzz, RIP EIP
Quote: “I’m not really an ass, I just play one online.”
Random Fact: Has never eaten Spaghetti O’s

Kyle Bridges

Age: 20
School: DuPage ’09, Columbia ’11, Film Major
Favorite Role: Mario, James Gordon, Kyle
Random Fact: As a child, Kyle used to be a model. Yeah, he doesn’t know what happened either.

Lars Heemskerk

Age: 20
School: Univ. Illinois ’10,‚ Music Major
Favorite Role: Aquaman, Captain Justice Dude Guy, Lars
Favorite Film: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars IV-VI, Anything with Jason Statham
Favorite EI Production: Allen and Craig Show, Fuzz
Quote: “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World”
Random Fact: Lars loves the Clarinet. if you think thats lame he will eat your unborn children.

Joe Korbel

Age: 19
School: DuPage ’10, Gen Ed
Random Fact:
Joe is the cameraman for many of The Allen and Craig show episodes.

Dan Drake

Actor/Website Administator
Age: 19
School: University of Illinois-Chicago, ’11 Pre-Med
Favorite Role: Luigi, Harvey Dent
Favorite Film: The Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Iron Man, The Dark Knight
Favorite EI Production: Fuzz, Dark Knight Spoof
Random Fact: Dan was Luigi in “Fuzz”

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7 Responses

  1. Lizzy

    wow love ur guys videos! ur amazing i cant even imagine how much work gose into the stuff u create! thanks so much for all the hard work and great videos!

  2. claire

    I think these guys are so awesome. I feel like I know them, but we have never met. I can’t wait to see more videos!

  3. Melody

    I Love The Allen and Craig Show =]
    The Twilight Spoof was Genius
    along with their other awesome videos!

    I Love those guys =]

    and Joe is Adorable ^^

  4. Sandra

    Wow. I honestly don’t no what to say..Yet agaiin, I do :]**

    I thiink they the most ahh mazehh iingehh group on Youtube, and that comes from the heart (: I seriiously beliive in them sooo damn much. They are going to make iit to the biig screen and I no that bcuz there’s some thiings in liife that people just know. And I KNOW that they really are going to get far in liife:]]**
    Congrats on everything and all your hard, breath-taking (seriiously I laugh so fukkiing much iin almost, iif not, all of theiir videos) videos. I love you guys x3

  5. Caitlyn

    Wow, congradulations for Evil Iguana Productions! I’ve been watching their stuff for a long time now, and I’m impressed with the effort they put into their videos. I’m glad they’re getting recognized for their effort 🙂

  6. Christina

    I love Evil Iguana Productions They are like my Favorite on youtube =D
    like omg u see all these famous ppl on youtube and they dont even put half the work that EIP put into there videos…
    well not all of them i am talking mostly about Fred.. =l u know its true.!
    GO Evil Iguana Productions ♥♥♥


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