Well, that didn’t take too long. The Cleveland Browns have decided to send QB Derek Anderson to the bench in favor of 2007 first-round pick Brady Quinn.

Asked just hours earlier if he planned on benching Anderson after his 17-for-33, 219-yard, 2-TD performance against the Ravens, head coach Romeo Crennel said he wasn’t planning on it.

“No, I haven’t really [considered it],” he said. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to the coaches or anything. With a short week, I told them to go ahead and get started on Denver. They haven’t even looked at this game yet.”

So, Anderson is still your starter?

“Yes,” he said, “as of right now.”

That thought didn’t last long.

While Cleveland can’t be thrilled about their play so far this season, it’s not like this is all on Anderson (who, I admit, isn’t what he was last year). I know the coaches are just looking to mix things up and see what the kid can do, but are they going to put glue on Braylon Edwards’ hands? Are they going to heal Kellen Winslow, Jr. and get him playing at a high level again?

A good portion of Anderson’s play last year can be attributed to the brilliant years that Edwards and Winslow had. You can also throw in the fact that RB Jamal Lewis was a wrecking ball in 2007.

But all that has changed. Edwards can’t catch a cold. Winslow is injured and has annoyed the team to the point where they tried to move him before the trade deadline. And Lewis is not nearly as productive as he was last season.

So, have fun Mr. Quinn. Maybe going to the kid will give the team new life and they’ll get this thing turned around. But what I do know is that if Quinn stinks, the Browns organization will be in full-on rebuilding mode as they search for their next quarterback.

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