Editor's ChoiceThis one surprised us.

We’ve spent the last month reviewing all sorts of mice: big mice, small mice, weird mice, but mostly expensive mice. And lo and behold, we’re having some fun with one of the cheapest of the bunch.

The Razer Salmosa mouse is not a decked out super gaming mouse. In fact, a lot of gamers are going to be turned off by it. It has two buttons plus a wheel/wheel button — which almost makes it seem like a normal mouse.

Then we get under the hood and find out that things aren’t nearly as they seem. Below the mouse are the two switches to control precision and response time. We preferred the default 800 dpi and 125 khz resolution/response but you can switch up to 1800 dpi and 1000 khz when you’re gaming and need the extra juice.

Speaking of games, the mouse does perform admirably in most game settings where you don’t need 10 buttons. The biggest boost for the mouse is that it’s accurate. Whether you’re editing a photo, shooting a guy in the head, or just browsing your email, you move your hand, and the cursor goes where you want it.

The Teflon non-stick feet also made sure the mouse performed as well on a desk or counter top as it would on one of Razer’s super mousing surfaces.

Even the wheel, a little fatter than usual, seemed to know where I wanted the page to scroll.

Lastly, the two buttons the mouse does have are comfortable and responsive.

The only complaint is that the matte surface of the mouse doesn’t respond well to oily hands, raising concerns of sweaty gamers’ hands ruining the look of the product.

Because we know gamers sweat.

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