The Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 is another foray into laser tracking technology that is probably going to take a back seat to Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology.

It’s probably good that they’ll be leaving this one behind, because it’s not one of Microsoft’s better mouses.

The problem is not so much with the laser tracking — that works fine for the most part, especially on a mousepad. It’s just not a well designed mouse. The buttons don’t press in quick succession unless your fingers are just in the right spot, a disaster in games.

We also experienced problems with the cursor freezing up at random times, and we even had a problem syncing the mouse up to its receiver on one of our laptops.

The thumb button was also a problem. We found ourselves clicking it by accident a lot when we were doing regular left clicks. That, alone, turned us off the mouse.

It does come with a replaceable rechargeable AAA battery and a dock to charge it, so that’s a plus. The AAA battery life is great too.

Really though, as you can certainly see from Blast’s “Holy Mouses” coverage of like a dozen mice this fall, there are lots of good choices out there in the input device world. Just not this one.

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