Philadelphia was ready to celebrate their first championship in 25 years on Monday night. The table was set with their ace on the mound and a 3-1 series lead. Then the winds and rains came, suspending not only the game, but a party and celebration only the Philadelphia faithful could host. The snow and sleet arrived on Tuesday giving the fans more time to ponder the curse of William Penn as the game was suspended for one more day. However, a town usually filled with negativity never lost their confidence in their Phillies who were about to bring them what they so desperately needed…to be called winners.

8:37 pm finally arrived on Wednesday. Rally towels that were used in the past to wipe away tears of frustration were about to be used for a different purpose…to wipe away tears of joy. So, what happened Wednesday night?

Jason Werth’s blooping single found a way to avoid Akinori Iwamura’s glove.

The fog was lifted at Soldier Field and Keith Jackson didn’t drop that pass in the end zone.

Eric Lindros kept his head up and avoided Scott Stevens’ concussion-giving hit.

Robert Horry’s last-minute three-pointer in Game 3 of the 2001 NBA Finals fell short.

Chase Utley didn’t throw to first, but nailed Jason Bartlett at home.

L.J. Smith held onto the ball while being tackled by Randall Gay in Super Bowl XXXIX.

The doctors didn’t find a small blood clot on Kimmo Timonen’s foot and a deflected puck didn’t find Braydon Coburn’s eye.

Eric Snow and Aaron Mckie didn’t have to play on broken ankles during the 2001 NBA Finals.

Ben Zobrist’s line drive found Jason Werth’s glove.

Brian Westbrook played in the 2003 NFC Championship game.

Alexander Perezhogin missed on a devastating hit that could have ended Keith Primeau’s career.

This was announced, “with the 8th pick in the 1998 NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers select Paul Pierce from Kansas University.”

Blaine Bishop, despite losing a step, tackled Joe Jurevicius.

And the Phillies won the World Series…that’s what happened.

For one night everything that could have gone well…did, and anything that could have gone wrong…did not. For one night the past was forgotten. For one night the sports history of a city was re-written.

The Philadelphia Phillies are world champions and a city that supports their teams through thick and thin will be able to have the celebration they deserve. With the pressure off, and the Phillies to thank, don’t be surprised if the parade on Friday is followed by many more.

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