Most of the game industry scoffed earlier this year when rumor broke of Sony working on a new “waggle controller” similar to the technology used in Nintendo’s Wii controller. It appears now that the story may be more than just rumor.

Sony filed a patent on October 23 for “a‚ method by which a system could track the movement of one or more controllers, with video tracking the position of the controllers and ultrasonic frequencies used to determine their distance from the console.” In the most likely scenario, as depicted in images found alongside the filing, ‚ the controller will use the Playstation Eye, along with its built in microphone to track multiple controllers movement and distance.

The filing shows a oddly shaped controller with ‚ a‚ retro-reflective sphere area at the end. The sphere seemingly gives off it’s own light source and changes color to indicate data being sent or received. An additional image also shows two of the controllers being hooked together to form a longer bow and arrow shaped controller.

Sony has issued no official statement on the controller or patent, stick with Blast as this story breaks.

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