There are several important questions that have arisen regarding the exciting conclusion to Game 5 of the World Series tonight at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

First of all, will there be a singing of the national anthem? We all know that every sporting event kicks off with “The Star Spangled Banner,” but what about when you start a game in the sixth inning?

A quick Google search didn’t turn up any results. Maybe Patti Labell mangled it enough to last for two nights.

Secondly, will there be a seventh-inning stretch? Do fans that just sat down really need a break?

The answer here is most likely yes, as someone will certainly be singing “God Bless America.” And I hate to say this, but if tonight’s performer sings like the others from this World Series, put some cotton in your ears. I’m sorry, but there must be someone out there who isn’t tone deaf and would be interested in singing on national television.

And the most important question of all? When will they stop beer sales? Typically, it’s in the seventh inning, but Peter Mucha of the Philadelphia Inquirer did some sleuthing (someone should) and found out that booze will be available until the ninth inning.

“Today is considered a new event,” Aramark spokesman David Freireich said.

Amen to that.

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