If you read this blog semi-regularly you’ll know I’m a dual-citizen living in Canada.‚  I applied for an absentee ballot a few months ago and today I mailed out my vote!

It felt strangely gratifying. This is the first election in which I can legally take part so I was pretty proud to be rocking the vote in one of the most important elections in American history.

Also, I am part of a privileged collection of dual-citizens that get the opportunity to vote in two federal elections in such a short period of time (I voted two weeks ago in Canada’s federal election).‚  I feel pretty honored.

Obviously, I take my vote seriously.

Since I’m an absentee voter, the rule that says you can’t wear any merchandise depicting your candidate/party preference to the polls doesn’t apply to me.‚  I wore my Obama shirt straight to the Canada Post office.

The lady behind the counter said “I guess I know who you’re voting for.‚  You teenagers all love Obama.”

True, many teens back Obama.‚  But I’m not just mindlessly following the fresh, new politician.

His policy is much better than McCain’s in almost every respect.‚  He has a better vision for the country and a good plan, not a foolproof plan, but a good plan on how to get the country to where it should be.‚  And he’s the guy who knows where it should be.

So yes Ms. Canada Post lady, I voted for Obama and I’m proud of it.

You’re welcome Barack.

(Oh, and you too Donna Edwards.‚  In my book you’re doing a hell of a job representing Maryland’s 4th congressional district).

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