Monday night’s rain suspension of Game 5 was an absolute debacle. The Phillies and Rays were playing in absolutely horrific conditions for the better part of three innings before the game was finally called off after the Rays tied it at 2-2 in the top of the 6th.

Coincidence? Or was MLB absolutely shivering at the thought of having a World Series won on a rain-shortened game? We all know it’s the latter.

The game should have been stopped long before the sixth inning. Like…say…how about when a Gold Glove shortstop can’t handle a routine pop up because the wind is throwing the ball around the infield and rain is stabbing his corneas as he looks up and tries to locate the ball? Would that have been a good time to call the game?

But it is what it is. Philly, once again, can’t catch a break in any sport. Call it bad luck, call it unnecessary whining. With Hamels on the mound at home and a 3-1 lead, the city was ready to celebrate. But no, instead, they get a Wednesday night game to try to finish off the final three and half innings.

I’ve broken down several reasons why the Phillies will win this series, and several why the won’t. Let’s take a look:

Why they will win:

-The Phillies have four at-bats to the Rays’ three on Wednesday night. The game starts tied 2-2 in the bottom of the sixth.

-The Phillies bullpen has been filthy this season, and matches up better against the pen of the Rays.

-The Phillies have been finding ways to win and have proved to be the better team.

-Regardless of their production in Game 5, Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria have been a waste of space for the Rays.

-With the extra day gained by the Game 5 suspension, the Phillies could have Cole Hamels ready on full rest for Game 7 if need be.

-Philadelphia is due.

Why they won’t:

-Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria are too good to be this bad in the World Series. Game 5 could be proof that they’ve put their games back together and are ready to light it up.

-If the Rays finish the Phils off in Game 5, they go back to Tampa with James Shields and Matt Garza on the mound.

-David Price could give the big lefties (Utley, Howard) fits on Wednesday night and shut the Phils’ main engine down. Going back to Tampa means anything goes.

-The Rays are too good to go out 4-1 in the World Series.

-The Phillies bullpen is due for a meltdown.

And finally…

-Monday night was their night. By not locking down the win (through no fault of their own necessarily), they have opened the door and given a young, energetic Rays team life and faith that they can win. The Rays will play with a renewed confidence that will only build as they claw back into the Series.

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