I’m starting to suspect a lot of things in my life are randomly connected.‚  I watch an old episode of “30 Rock” and while waiting to conduct an interview at school I count 30 rocks outside my journalism building.‚  I know, I have way too much time on my hands.

Today I watched a film called “Triumph of the Will,” a movie made in the early 1930s by director Leni Riefenstahl idealizing the Nazi regime’s rise to power.‚  Riefenstahl claimed she wasn’t a Nazi sympathizer since her film was made before anyone knew Hitler’s real agenda, but there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary.

The film was excellent and gave a pretty real glimpse into how the Nazi’s won the support and spirit of millions of unsuspecting Germans.

Anyway, after watching the film at my university’s library, I read about the neo-Nazis who planned on assassinating Obama, a guy who’s face is on a t-shirt I just bought.

Maybe it’s a coincidence. It probably is.

It’s still weird though.‚  It’s weird because the last time white supremacists tried to assassinate Obama (in Denver during the DNC) I was reading about Hitler and “Mein Kampf.”

OK I know it looks like I read about Hitler a lot, but I’m taking a politics and history course that focuses on the 30s and 40s.‚  So don’t judge me.

Anyway, I think I’m going to stop reading the assigned Hitler-related documents for that class.‚  I think I can guarantee the safety of Obama that way.

It’s pretty disgusting that this kind of stuff is going on, though it’s not surprising.‚  There are pockets of deep hatred for people like Obama, African-Americans who rise to power and have a chance at governing something on a grand scale.

To the residents of these pockets, an Obama presidency is a threat and a step backward in their attempts to stymie the black community.‚  It’s stupid, I know.

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