The Highly anticipated Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two will officially launch in North America on Wednesday, October 29 2008. Priced at $14.95 for Linux, Mac and Windows via Greenhouse and 1,200 Microsoft Points, Penny Arcade Adventures 2 will continue the off-the wall humorous,‚ tongue‚ in cheek story of Gabe and Tycho made famous by the original episode and of course, the hugely popular web-comic.

“This game is all about the strange and insane world of New Arcadia and the Penny Arcade-style humor to be found in it,” said Hothead CEO Vlad Ceraldi. “With the cool gameplay additions we’ve made, including longer gameplay, completion tracking and difficulty settings; extra Lovecraftian overtones in the world and music; and the perfect time of the year, everything just came together.”

Players who may have missed the first episode can start a new quest, with a completely new character, while returning gamers will be able to use the data from Episode 1. Expected to being gamers anywhere from 6-10 hours of gameplay, Penny Arcade Adventures 2 also features new difficulty settings, bringing bigger, badder enemies to do battle with.

Along with dropping word on the game’s release, developer Hot Head Games released the game’s full list of achievements for the Xbox 360. The game’s 11 achievement, along with one secret achievement are as follows:

– Millionaire – Collect one million dollars in cash (15)

– Moving On Up – Collect the Wealth key (15)

– Arsonist – Burn down the Riverbrook Apartments (15)

– Endgame – Collect a ticket for the World’s Fair (15)

– Can’t Nobody Hold You Down – Defeat the Game’s final Boss (15)

– Steel Cannibal – Spend robot parts to upgrade all weapons (20)

– Lab Assistant -‚ Complete Dr. Stripe’s and Dr. Whimple’s missions‚ (15)

– ‚ Reluctant Hero -‚ At the beginning of the episode, refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times (5)

– The Strength to Rule:‚ Kill enough enemies to earn the XP needed for all party members to reach Level 30 (20)

– POWER SURRRGE! -‚ Block enemy attacks and get one party member’s hit counter up to 40 (25)

– Pack Rat Strikes Back -‚ Only use items to win a fight. No attacks or counter attacks allowed (25)

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