Do you help the environment because it’s a passion of yours or because you don’t want to be left out of the modern cultural shift?

That shift is sweeping up countless teens and young men and women, turning them into a generation of earth-hourers and flick-offers.‚  It’s a good thing, but why does everyone do it?‚  Not everyone who participates likes doing it.‚  I’m sure a lot of people think it’s a pain in the ass.

The shift that’s occurring is caused partly by celebrity endorsements.‚  Young celebrities advocate groups like Global Cool and as a result people feel inspired to help out.

It’s like clothes.‚  You see a celebrity wearing a cool shirt or you see them stuffing things into a cool bag and automatically you yearn for it.

Environmental problems are sparking a cultural change, it’s obvious.‚  The change is taking place among Generation Y (and some of Generation X) because they are the generation of the future.

Ads target this generation.‚  The ads make you feel guilty for not turning your lights off when you leave your house.‚  They tell you that you are the world’s last hope for survival.

While you ARE a monster (like the ads imply) for leaving your lights on when you aren’t home, leaving the tap on while you’re brushing your teeth or not turning your lights off for one hour straight hour per year, why do you do it?

Do you really care about the environment or do you help because it’s an obligation or a responsibility?

Does it even matter?‚  If doing something results in something that is beneficial to society, does it matter what the motives are?

I don’t think it does.‚  If you reduce your carbon emissions because Sienna Miller says so and not because it will help our environment, it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is you do it.

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Sachin Seth is the Blast Magazine world news reporter. He writes the Terra blog. You can visit his website at or follow him on twitter @sachinseth

2 Responses

  1. V. Smith

    How infuriating celebrities who emit huge carbon emissions- large houses, air miles, sports cars, 4x4s, (not including their tasteless conspicuous consumption in the face of third world poverty and global recession) should preach to the public about cutting down their emissions which are negligible compared to their excessive environmental footprint.

    I hope the spirits of the dead animals come back to haunt them for wearing the furs which the animal was skinned alive for not to damage the coats. Have you ever seen a caged wild white fox skinned alive from head to toe left shaking in pain and anxiety on the earth looking up at its keeper?
    And they suffer from chronic back pain for the weight of carrying those $5000.00 IT bags they cant be seen without which the cost could have helped save a life.

    Celebrity endorsements are at the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

  2. anon

    There are celebs who obviously genuinely care about the environment and third world and give a great deal of support and income but it is also obvious some are endorsing these causes for their PR whilst doing nothing to change their own lifestyles.

    This is not only hypocritical but can only have a negative effect on encouraging people to change their lifestyle and reduce carbon emissions.

    So the point is if celebs wish to encourage people to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment make sure they reduce their own first. Otherwise it will have the opposite effect.


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