According to papers filed in Surry County Circuit Court, Michael Vick plans to plead guilty to local dogfighting charges in Virginia in an effort to get an early release from federal prison.

I know what you are thinking, ‘he already plead guilty to this.’

No, he didn’t. He plead guilty to federal conspiracy to commit interstate gambling and interstate dogfighting charges and was sentenced to 23 months. He still faces charges of dogfighting in Surry County, although the resident dufus of a local prosecutor, Gerald Poindexter, has seemed hell bent on letting Vick slide.

Poindexter was unable to secure an indictment of Vick in 2007 on dog-killing charges after Vick had already admitted to the Feds that he did indeed kill dogs.

Sooo, yeah. That’s what we are dealing with down there. And pleading guilty to these local charges shouldn’t come with any additional jail time, which I don’t really understand.

Under the terms of his deal with the Feds, Vick can’t enter a halfway house until he resolves the pending local charges. Scheduled to enter his plea on October 30th, Vick would then be able to enter a halfway house on January 20th. He is currently scheduled to be released from Leavenworth on July 20th of 2009.

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