Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama roasted each other a few nights ago, at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial dinner in New York.

Both roasts are really very funny.‚  Among other things, McCain comments on Obama’s messiah-status and makes fun of the Clintons’ “unwavering” support for the democrat.‚  As if.

Obama makes fun of McCain’s age and cracks some jokes at his own expense, referencing the Ayer’s situation and his celebrity-status.

It was cool to see the candidates let loose and drop the serious face they have on the campaign trail. With just a couple of weeks before the election it was nice to see a more human side of each of them, although even in a relaxed environment McCain still looks like a robot with an uncomfortable smile.

By the way, Alfred E. Smith was Governor of New York in the 20’s and the Democratic presidential nominee in 1928.‚  He became president of Empire State, Inc. after losing the election to Herbert Hoover.‚  He was most notably a key figure in making sure construction for the Empire State Building carried on through the Great Depression.‚  He died in 1944.

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