As a writer/blogger, when I crack open the newspaper in the morning and see that Pacman Jones is still in the news, I think ‘bad day for him, good day for me.’ Two new developments have arisen following Tuesday’s indefinite suspension by Commissioner Goodell.

First of all, Pacman has entered a Dallas-area rehab facility for alcohol dependency. It’s not shocking if you see the pattern of Pacman’s behavior and arrests and notice the one common denominator: booze. Whether inciting gunfire and slamming a stripper’s head into the floor in Las Vegas, or biting a cop in Georgia, yes, there was always liquor involved.

And now it seems that the police report from the incident that got him this latest suspension is currently under investigation. The command staff believes that Officer Rodney Allen omitted key details (including Pacman’s name) from his police report in an attempt to protect the troubled cornerback.

When asked what happened, Allen said he saw Pacman “exit the nice vehicle from the passenger side and enter the hotel.”

This contradicts the original police report, which states that the scuffle had ended by the time the officers go there.

“As I admired the hotel designs, the hotel security advised me that something was going on in the restroom near the lobby,” Allen said.

He heard a disturbance in the bathroom and went in to break up the fight. Afterwards, Pacman’s security guard said that Pacman had punched him in the head.

Another officer, Miguel Jamaica, said afterwards he later witnessed Pacman in a car “getting upset as he cried.”

This is all well and good, except none of this was in the original police report. Somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Officer Allen already has quite a history with the internal affairs office at the Dallas Police Department. According to WFAA, he’s been written up numerous times since 2002 for failure to complete a report, spreading rumors, untruthfulness and improper investigation.

As always with Pacman, stay tuned.

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