WOW.‚  This guy is nuts.‚  He calls his stuffed monkey toy “Little Hussein” in obvious reference to Obama.

The racial hatred that exists among people is still pretty surprising. What’s even worse is these people, the people who display this sort of ignorance and obvious racial disharmony ruin it for the normal McCain/Palin supporters.

If you skim the comments at the bottom of some of the videos depicting GOP supporters at their worst, people tend to generalize, declaring all GOP backers as racists or other horrible things. That’s obviously not true.

Political races are always pretty heated, but never has there been a serious race issue in a presidential election because never before has there been a black candidate running for president. There have been race issues in mayoral races and races for governor I’m sure, but this one is more publicized because it’s a federal election.

McCain’s campaign has yet to denounce its out-spoken supporters and they probably won’t in fear of loosing them. McCain did defend Obama at a rally recently; he refuted a comment made by a man who said he was scared of an Obama presidency. The Arizona senator touted Obama as a “decent man” and a “family man.”

A woman at the same rally later said she didn’t trust Obama because she thinks he is an Arab. McCain told her he is not and promptly took the microphone from her hands.

It’s not terrible that she called him an Arab.‚  What’s disturbing thing is that she thinks it’s the end of the world if he is.‚  Arab does not equal terrorist ma’am.

McCain may not like Obama’s policy, but he does respect him and he can’t be proud of these supporters.

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