Here’s some of the newest artwork Akella has released for the game:


This is one of the rooms in RSHA (Main Imperial Office of Security) at the end of the war in April of 1945.

Under the table is a can of gasoline which Meyer must get. Also, a sculpture of Richard Wagner made by Arno Breaker can be seen. Wagner was a favorite composer of Hitler.

Hitler had his music accompanied by the news from the front, performed at the convention of NSDAP and parades. Breaker was the author of numerous heroic portraits of the party bonzas from the Third Reich.


The implementation of forging signatures in the game process.


Bread cards imposed by the fascist occupying forces in the territory of Ukraine.

vortex engine

Vortex engine by Victor Shauberger

A Stroke of Fate” will be published in English at the end of the year.

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