A seven-year-old boy broke into an Australian zoo and fed various animals to a crocodile.

The boy also beat an assortment of lizards to death with a large rock, some of which he fed to the croc.‚  The boy, who jumped the security fence at the Outback zoo to commit the crime, killed 13 animals in total including a turtle and bearded dragons.

The crocodile’s name was Terry.

“It’s unbelievable. In my day he’d get a big boot up the arse,” zoo center director Rex Neindorf told Reuters.

A big boot indeed.‚  No word yet on the mental condition of this child.

Some of the animals are apparently quite hard to replace and valued at over $5000.

The parents of the child could possibly be sued by the zoo.


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  1. Jackie

    what a little jerk i don’t care what state the boys mind was in what gives him the idea to jump the zoo fence and kill animals at the age of 7 he is a wild child and needs to be controlled maybe he should be held in a small cage at the zoo.

  2. Alex

    oh my goodness what a sick kid. that is just disturbing knowing that kids at the age of SEVEN know how to do things such as this.

  3. Tom Carter

    What’s wrong with you all??? Come on, I was seven, had a snake fed it rats and such. Kid was just having a good time, didn’t know he was doing anything “evil”. Take off your warped pacifist morale D’jour and forgive a kid for being a kid. He’s seven years old. I’m half tempted to huck a couple of neighborhood cats into the Anaconda exhibit myself, and I “know better”. OOOOO bearded dragon…ooooo. Wait nope… I’m totally wrong we need to kill that little blighter. Let’s feed him to “Terry” that’s sound logic for certain. MORONS, one and all. POOPDICKS!

  4. ian

    how terrible this is.This dumb stupid kid.How could you do this.I love animals .That kids needs to be taught a lesson.What a moron.I agree with the zoo person!


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