We’ve just heard from Craig Deering, one of the bright minds behind Evil Iguana productions and the ingenious Dark Knight and Twilight spoofs.

Apparently the actual Twilight folks are so impressed with their spoof (and its 1.3 million views) that they asked them to come out to Dallas for the Twilight Convention.

“After seeing our Twilight Trailer Spoof, the staff for Twicon 2009 asked if we would like to appear as special guests,” Evil Iguana said in an email to viewers. “So from the spoof Robin Andrews, Craig Deering and Allen Murphy will be appearing to talk and answer questions and do other fun stuff.”

TwiCon will be held July 30-August 2, 2009 as the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Oh, is now a good time to say that Craig Deering will be on the cover of Blast in November?

Craig Deering will be on the cover of Blast in November.

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  1. Laurel

    i think this is cool that actors/actresses are being found on youtube i think they are just as good as the hollywood peoples movie and i love evil iguana productions so im really looking forward to seeing them on the cover of blast magazine

  2. Shannon

    i LOVE Craig, Allen, and they’re spoofs. The Twilight video is hilarious. So happy they’re gonna be there!

  3. Shannon

    Anyone know how i can get Blast Magazine (does it have to be ordered over the internet)?

  4. Sami

    I’m so excited for them. I LOVE The Evil Iguana production and l love Twilight. The Twilight spoof id SO HILARIOUS!

  5. Paige

    Craig on the cover?!?! Really! Can’t wait! I’m a big fan of both EIP and Twilight…both separately before EIP did the spoof and I’m so glad that two great things can be combined! The guys at EIP are very talented and deserve all the attention that they are getting now 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    That is so COOL…I literally spewed coke through my nose when I watched the spoof the first time…too, too funny….guess I’ll bring some Hershey’s bars and see if they can catch me..hee!!

  7. Sol

    Me Parece Genial..
    Graig Es Un Tipo Talentoso..
    Creo Que No Eh Visto A Nadie
    Actuar Como El En Videos De Youtube..
    Se Merece Lo Mejor Y Llegar Muy Alto!

    Craig! Sos Un Idolo
    Al Igual Que Todos Alli En Evil Iguana!
    Sigan Asii!

  8. CaliGirl21

    Hey again! Just want to say that the Twilight spoof was like one of my favorites! That was just really funny and u guys didn’t really like insult Twilight and that’s good cause’ i luv that movie! But u guys r just very talented and was amazing to c! good-job!
    Luv ya,


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