Why do I hate playing the Angels? Could it be because they have been proclaimed the best team in baseball? Nah. It’s because this girl has a full time job and staying up until 1:30a.m. hurts when it comes time to roll out of bed.

But there is no crying in baseball. So I happily joined Red Sox Nation and watched the game, beginning to the very end. It couldn’t have started in a better way. Here are a few things that were good to see.

1. Lester is a game one pitcher. People may have been nervous and still may be with the fact that Beckett will only pitch once. But Lester can pitch away. Dice-K is perfect on the road. Beckett will have the ball in game three at home. Lester has proved himself once again. Did I mention that he is‚ only‚ 24?

2. Jason Bay. Can I tell everyone how sick-and-tired-I-am-of-talking-about-Manny? I hope‚ Bay’s two-run shot shuts everyone up. We do not have Manny and yes, the team will miss his experience and his power, but why worry about him? Let’s worry about him if and when he has anything to do with our game.

3. The grit. Pedroia is known for his do anything attitude and big swings, but I love Ellsbury right now. He is a fan favorite, well with female fans,‚ and although he struggled at times this season, his base stealing, line drives and diving grabs are what October baseball are all about. Remember who helped us win in 2004 and not just Manny, Ortiz and Schilling, but also‚ Dave Roberts who‚ got to second and‚ in turn helped us‚ bring it home.

4. What they brought: an inability to get the runs when they needed them, Vlad’s base‚ running and a praised bullpen that didn’t impress.

It was a good start. I believe in jynxing so I don’t want to get cocky. I’m starting to think that‚ my confidence about the 2008 Pats singlehandly tore Brady’s ACL and then decided for good measure to yank on his MCL.

So it’s the waiting game until tomorrow night. I think I’ll go grab a cup of coffee…

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