An aspiring British chef died after eating a very spicy chili sauce as part of a competition with a friend.

Andrew Lee, 33, and a friend competed to see who could make and eat the spiciest chili sauce.‚  Lee concocted a chili sauce from tomatoes and his father’s home-grown red chili’s.

At 2:30 AM, Lee got into bed and started scratching his entire body.‚  The next morning, he was found dead, possibly after suffering a heart attack.

Lee passed a health exam with flying colors just a few days prior to the chili contest.

Toxicologists will decide whether or not the extremely hot chili sauce that killed the man.

Now I’m scared to eat hot green peppers.‚  Great.

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  1. newsandverse


    NEWSWIRE–An amateur chef died the day after eating a “superhot” pepper in a bet over who could make the hottest dish.

    To this handy rule of measurement I’ll clue you;
    It determines if you lose or if you win:
    There are things of which a little dab will do you,
    And of others which a dab will do you in.
    Light verse, ripped from the headlines


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