Call it proof that the justice system actually does work.

This week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that everyone’s favorite anti-game activist Jack Thompson will be permanently disbarred as of October 25.

According to a report on Game-politics, Thompson’s well-known history of public misconduct, as well as official recommendations given by Judge Dava Tunis, who presided over Thompson’s 2007 ethics trial, led to the decision.

According to the official court order, which can be obtained here‚ in it’s entirety,‚ Thompson has also been ordered to pay restitution of more than $43,000.

Though he considers himself an advocate for conservative Christian moral standards, most will remember Thompson as one of the video game industry’s toughest critics. Among other high profile cases, Thompson brought forth suits against a number of high profile game developers, including id Software and Capcom after he linked numerous school shootings to the violent content in games along with leading the charge against Rockstar Games during the “hot coffee” scandal.

Never one to stay quiet for long, Thompson has filed a request with the U.S. District Court for an emergency meeting to debate the Supreme Court’s decision, as well as issued a press release, claiming that the decision was merely “in retaliation for Thompson’s Tyndale House book Out of Harm’s Way, published in 2005, which blew the whistle on the Florida Supreme Court’s earlier efforts in the 1990’s to literally pathologize his faith-based and successful activism against the American entertainment industry.”

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