What would you do with 700 billion dollars?

The 700 billion dollar bailout that the government is trying to get passed to save the economy is causing quite a stir from the people in the United States. Seven hundred billion dollars is a lot of money, and can do a lot of things.

So the real question is, what would you do with all that money?

That’s $700,000,000,000. Eleven zeroes.

Maybe look outside America, and think about how much $700 billion could do in Africa. There are approximately one billion people who live in Africa, which means, if the proposed US bailout was to be divided between every African citizen, each person would be $700 richer. Think about how much change that would make.

With $700 billion, you could buy up to 2.8 million decently priced islands. Islands! Hell, with $700 billion you could probably buy your own country.

I am not an economist. I don’t know the answer to our economical crisis. We say give the money to us and let us spend it.

So how about it? A professional sports team? A whole league? Cars? Real estate? Toys? What do you want most in the world?

Post your comments below, and let us know!

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Terri Schwartz was a Blast Contributing Editor from 2008-2009.

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  1. Chris Kelley

    I would use the $700B to create massive infrastructure project which would fix the failing roads and bridges in the country and also give grants to increase public transportation. The by-products would be to lessen the dependence on oil and creating thousands of jobs.

    Or you know I could not spend money that I dont have instead of taking Chinese money

  2. Mike R

    I would buy every financial company and still have enough money left over to bribe congress to allow the monopoly to exist.

    Or maybe I would fill a swimming pool with it and swim in an amount of money greater than the yearly GDP of all but 16 countries..

  3. Jameson Baker

    I find it strange that now people are going to owe money to various organizations, of which will be in debt to our government, OF WHICH we paid for with our taxes. I mean I’m not really into this whole economics thing, but something about paying the government twice over for taking out a loan on my house for example really just doesn’t seem right. Regardless, lets just say I’m your standard selfish American, I would probably build a castle! In where Id kidnap a lot of scientist, who may or may not be mad( Though mad would be preferred.) Then hirer a lab assistance named “Pinky”, and constantly plot world domination. Oh how joyous life would be with $700 billion dollars.

  4. Bradley Ouellette

    I’d spend just a portion on it to further development for renewable energy, and infrastructure to transform Gas Stations to another form of energy distribution. (creating jobs and money to help the economy.) at the least if I was gonna give 700Billion to major companies, I’d buy the companies or MAJOR share of them to make profits when they do well.:-)


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