A series of proposed revisions to the Bush administration’s $700 billion financial bailout has stalled its implementation.

The White House meeting was meant to show how congressional republicans and democrats can come together when the country is in need.‚  Instead, the division between the parties has proved to be quite wide.

Only one set of agreements revising the initially proposed bailout was reached.

Most people expected that this plan wouldn’t go through without glitches.‚  Republicans and democrats have some very different views on this bailout, and its becoming more and more obvious.

I didn’t catch Bush’s address last night but I did read the transcript. It was intended for the average American, trying to explain how the bailout would effect them without using too many numbers or financial terminology.

To me it seemed a little but too fluffy. The problem was that he didn’t sufficiently explain WHY his administration thinks this bailout is the best option for the country.‚  I wanted to hear a better justification for spending $700 billion.

You know, it’s hard to comprehend how much $700 billion actually is.‚  How would that be spent by an everyday citizen?‚  What would you do if you had that much money?‚  Traveling the world and buying a zoo or something would only blow millions.

Let us know how you would spent it.

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