Well … that’s … different.

The Ball Corporation is supplying their new 16-oz. Alumi-Tek aluminum bottles to Miller Brewing Company for Miller Lite.‚ 

It looks odd, but the resealable bottles have a wide-mouth opening, the company says they are quick to chill and are 100 percent recyclable.

“The great taste of Miller Lite gets even better when it’s enjoyed from our new aluminum pint,” said Grant Leech, vice president of marketing for Miller Lite. ‚ “This package drinks like a bottle and cools like a can to deliver an invigorating taste experience.”

The Miller Lite aluminum pint will be tested throughout much of the Midwest and South through the end of the year. ‚ Test markets for the Miller Lite aluminum pint are Alabama, Arkansas, Dallas, Florida, Houston, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The Miller Lite aluminum pint is intended for off-premise retailers, with a focus on convenience stores. ‚ The package will be sold as part of a nine-pack.

This is all in an effort to show off these new bottles, which the company hopes will have applications with soda, juice, energy drinks (definitely a good bet) and other alcoholic beverages.

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  1. Elaine Shaw

    I found this product in Indiana and could not believe how much colder the was and it still tastes great but cannot find any in my area Thanks keep up the great product

  2. Ingrid

    I received a free sample with the purchase of a Miller Lite 24 Pack and got pretty excited over the New. I discovered 9 Packs of the Aluminum Pint (16oz) and bought it for a camping/boating Trip. It chilled quick to ice cold, stayed cold for a pretty long time in Temps in the upper 80. I liked the fact of re-closing the bottle – no bugs! It’s a cool looking bottle and went over very well on our Trip.

  3. TIA


  4. Azire

    I have to agree with the comments above. I enjoy Miller Lite in anything but out of a bottle usually, but these 16’s have quickly become my favorite.

    I thought I was the only one to notice the coolness on these bad boys; they just seem colder than cans do, even when refrigerated together. The resealable container is also a great thing to have, just because.

    In addition, there is just something aesthetically pleasing and fundamentally right about Miller Lite in these 16 oz. containers. Long story short, they’re pleasent to have around. I think a comparable amount in 16’s costs a little more than a 6 of 12 oz. cans, but it’s not beyond me to pay a little extra. I think they’re well worth it.

  5. Alvin

    This is my second time buying these aluminum pints. I drink Miller Lite exclusively. My first experience was fine. I am now on a 9-pack of these aluminum pints. I’m on my 4th bottle, the 1st and 4th bottles have a weird metallic taste. It’s kind of disgusting but I’m drinking it anyway. I wanted to contact the company but their link didn’t work so I found this place. The exp date says August 2010 and it’s only June 5, 2010. I don’t know what it is but it taste like crap. The other 2 bottles were fine. I just wanted to mention this somewhere on the internets… 🙂 I will continue drinking these (I don’t waste beer) but hopefully the others don’t taste like crap because I love miller lite.

  6. Alex

    found one pack at a local liquor store but hard to find. Last one on the shelf. Other places including conveniences stores did not have the 9-pack. Agree with others that it stays cooler longer in these bottles. More distribution in So Cal.

  7. Steve

    I like the convenience of having a top you can put back on, but wow are those tops tough to unscrew.


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